Clean Language in Sales

Are you ready for a revolution?

The Problem with Sales today

Too often, sales is manipulative. We're taught to position our offering, to re-engineer the prospect's vision, to discover pain points - and then "Close".

Those techniques lost effectiveness as prospects became better informed by the Internet. In most cases, they know as much as if not more as the sales person. 

In addition, the frantic pace in most companies mean individuals are increasingly averse to having their time wasted by to being "sold" to by salespeople who are clearly just trying to close a deal.

To make matters worse, a manipulated prospect is often an unprofitable customer.

Sales needs to change. We need a way to jointly uncover value with our prospects.

What if…?

What if there really was an easy fix?

What if there was a quick and simple way to uncover the prospect's world?

What if you really could work safely in areas you don't fully understand?

The Course

A two-day workshop led by the leading practitioners in the field

  • Clean Language

    The first day is a grounding in Clean Language. You'll end the day being familiar with the power of Clean, plus a level of comfort using the questions in conversation.

  • Clean in Sales

    On the second day you'll observe Clean Language being used in a sales situation, and have the opportunity to analyse and learn from the interactions. 

  • In Practice

    In an optional third day, you'll have the opportunity to work on your prospects yourself, with support and coaching from the team. 

  • Follow Up

    For the 4 weeks after the course there will be a weekly conference call where you can reunite with the course members and discuss any issues you are encountering. 

Is it for you?

The course is designed for active sales people who are selling in a Business-to-Business (B2B) context. 

You will be expected to bring real sales situations to discuss. 

No prior experience of Clean Language is required. 

Due to the commercially sensitive nature of the material which attendees may discuss, we'll be screening applications to ensure there are no conflicts.